Running WiTS

After installation, WiTS is automatically started every time the user logs on to the system. This behaviour can be changed through the preferences dialog. You can also start WiTS through the Windows Inspection Tool Set menu item in the Windows Start > All Programs menu.

Once running, WiTS sits in the system tray area of the taskbar. Clicking on the WiTS system tray icon will bring up the main WiTS window which allows access to the various list views.

If you have several WiTS views open, you can assign a hotkey to hide and restore them as a group.

Running in elevated mode

The User Account Control feature in Vista and later versions of Windows limits the privileges that a process runs under even if the user signed in under an administrative account. Under these circumstances, WiTS will prompt asking whether you want to elevate privileges. If you decline, WiTS will continue to run but certain system information will not be accessible. If you accept, WiTS will restart itself with elevated privileges, resulting in Windows showing a UAC dialog either asking for an administrative password or just for your permission. You need to answer in the affirmative to the UAC prompt for WiTS to be fully functional.

Windows Inspection Tool Set V3.2