Windows Inspection Tool Set (WiTS) provides list and detail views of various components and objects in a Windows system. WiTS also provides event monitoring and logging capability.

  • Customizable list views show properties of objects in table form.
  • Flexible user-defined filters and sorting modes allow focusing on specific objects.
  • Change tracking to allow highlighting of changes or limiting display to only those objects whose properties have changed.
  • Property page views provide details about objects.
  • Supported object types include processes, services, CPU's, modules, drivers, network connections and interfaces, disks, shares, users, groups, logon sessions and the windows event log.
  • Event monitor displays user-selectable events such as process starts, new network connections, system resource levels and more.
  • Optional logging of all events to a file.
  • Cross-linking of all objects, including events, for easy point-and-click navigation.
  • User command line for running external as well as internal commands.
  • A full Tcl console with access to the Tcl Windows API for advanced users.
  • Automatic startup and multifunction hotkey support for quick access.
Windows Inspection Tool Set V3.2