Running user commands

The Command entry window in the main WiTS window allows entry of commands and has a dropdown list box that allows selection of previously entered commands.

User command field

The command is executed either when the Return key is entered or the Run button is clicked.

The command may be either an internal WiTS command or the name of an external Windows program. The command is parsed in standard Windows fashion (not using Tcl syntax) and arguments with spaces and special characters must be quoted as required by Windows.

WiTS internal commands

WiTS internal commands are:

Many WiTS internal commands like show and end operate on multiple types of objects and will attempt to guess the object type if it is not specified. For example,
end rpcss
will stop a Windows service matching against both internal and display names.

The matching modes for each command are described in the documentation for the command.

Running external programs

If the entered command does not match one of the internal commands listed above, WiTS will assume it is an external command. This behaviour is similar to the Windows Run dialog box and the command may even be the path to a document associated with a program.

Windows Inspection Tool Set V3.2