Logging events to a file

The WiTS event monitor can also be configured to continuously log all events to a file. Use the Event Monitor tab in the WiTS preferences dialog to enable this feature and to specify the name of the log file.

Managing log file space

When the logfile grows beyond a million bytes, WiTS will close the logfile, rename it, and open a new logfile with the same name as the original. The renamed file has the same extension as the original, and a base name that is suffixed with a string of the form FROM-TO where both FROM and TO have the form YYYYMMDDHHMMSS and corresponding to the beginning and end of the time interval covered by the file.

Old logfiles are not deleted or archived automatically by WiTS. It is up to the user to arrange for this so that disk space does not fill up. However, WiTS will stop logging events to a file if the free disk space on the drive drops to below 100MB.

If logging to a file is enabled, and the event monitor window is closed, you will be given a choice as to whether logging to the file should continue in the background.

Windows Inspection Tool Set V3.2