Configuring the event monitor

The Event Monitor tab in the preferences dialog allows setting of several options related to the WiTS event monitor.

Event monitor preferences

The Categories to monitor and System resource threshold frames in the tab control filtering of events.

The Display frame controls the event monitor display content:

  • The Number of events to display field controls how many events the event monitor will display. When the number of events exceeds this number, older events will be discarded when new ones arrive.
  • The Hide duplicates (secs) field is the number of seconds that duplicate events will be suppressed. Certain types of events, such as process starts, are never suppressed.
  • The Include and Exclude fields can be set to show or suppress event display based on the text in the event. If not empty, the Include field should be a regular expression that will be matched against event text. Only events that match will be shown. The Exclude field works in a similar way except in reverse - events that match will be not be shown (even if they match the Include field).

The Event Monitor tab also controls logging of events to a file. Selecting the Log events to file checkbox will configure WiTS to log events to the file specified in the Log file field.

Windows Inspection Tool Set V3.2